Parking Chaos in Aldi traps drivers

Published on by Chris Dabbs (author), Kelly Wong (author)

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Drivers were trapped for over thirty minutes in the new Aldi car park on Lewes Road as road works prevented them from leaving.

There were calls from the police to control the traffic as tempers flared.

Local shop workers eventually took charge and resolved the traffic problem.

Facebook comments filled with people venting their frustration.

“I was stuck for fifty minutes. Will never visit this retail park again” said Julian Grindall.

By 3pm, the congestion had cleared but large queues were still forming in the shop.

The Aldi store opened in last October and created fifty much-needed new local jobs.

The council passed the planning permission for the store with no objections about increased traffic.

Some residents are concerned that traffic will only get worse once the new student accommodation blocks are completed at the nearby University of Brighton.

“Wait till student accommodation is built and they start shopping at Aldi’s” said Lorraine Maison.

The workers from the local B&Q came to the rescue and started to direct traffic in a bid to ease the car park catastrophe.

“Big ty to the B&Q staff who were totally awesome in doing what they did” said Louise Dune “shame staff from Aldi didn’t think to do the same outside their store… especially as it’s that store which is the problem”.

Other drivers were concerned that parking tickets might be issued as trapped drivers overstayed the strict time limits for the car park. Greg Taylor said “I wonder how many will get parking tickets now…”

An Aldi spokesperson has said “We have car park management systems in place in a number of our stores to encourage fair usage and ensure car parking availability for our customers.”

Many shoppers take advantage of all the shops in the Pavilion Retail park including Hobbycraft, B&Q, and Costa. 

Traffic is expected to return to normal once the roadworks have finished. 


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