International Coffee Day Wakes Up Sussex

Published on by Danny Ayala (author)

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Today is international coffee day and has been trending on twitter for the last 24 hours.The international coffee day 2019 aims to shine a light on coffee price crisis that is currently ongoing around the globe.

Due to an over supply in the coffee market coffee farmers are being paid 30% less than they should be, leaving some families in Africa and other coffee growing continents in abject poverty.

So what does that mean for Brighton? Well luckily for us we have an abundance of independent coffee shops which desperately need supporting and only use fair trade products which will help farmers get the correct pay for their work. 

Because some local businesses are closing down such as the legendary chocolatier and coffee shop 'choccywoccydoodah', its important, now more than ever to support your local coffee shops.

Other ways you can help are by signing the #coffeepledge which will ensure farmers get the correct pay and can keep growing the coffee we love!!!



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