Violence in the Name of Veganism

Published on by Lisa Hall (writer)

Vegan protest (photo: Citizen)
Vegan protest

Around 7:30pm on the 30th of September, a violent scuffle arose inside the Opposition Pizzeria in Market Street. 

The pro vegan protesters held placards and videoed as the customers at the restaurant ate their food. CCTV reveals the staff and diners filming the protesters in retaliation as protesters used their placards to hide their identity. 

One of the incidents during the confrontation involved a customer knocking a placard from a protester's hand before photographing them. Others then got involved in the scuffle which lasted a few minutes. 

The restaurant owner said that they had "told them to stop filming customers as everyone was getting upset."

The protesters were then told to leave the premises and protest on the street as it was a “private business.”

Police said that there were many “incidents involving animal rights activists” in restaurants around Brighton. Protesters “chanted slogans at diners” and have been reported to the police.

As of yet, there have been no arrests, but if criminal charges are found to have occurred, “appropriate action will be taken.”

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