Old Phone Boxes to be Replaced by Wifi Hubs

Published on by Lisa Hall (writer)

Phone  (photo: Lisa Hall)

Phone box

Phone box

With the use of a BT Wi-fi app you can log into over 5 million Wi-fi hotspots around the UK. It promises fast browsing speeds without eating mobile data and all for free if you are a BT Broadband or BT mobile customer.


However, privacy campaigners have raised concerns that the telecoms giant is building a “military-grade street-level sensor network.” This, coupled with the fact that previous installations of the communication hubs in London have also been linked to inner city drug deals, have made the renovation a controversial one.


Inlink general manager Matt Bird said that the telecom network is “committed to addressing” abuse of the service through the use of “councils and the police to ensure [the Wi-fi hubs] make a positive contribution to the area.”

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