Disabled Children's Charity Burgled

Published on by Christina Fairhurst (author)

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On Friday night burglars stole from Amaze, Brighton’s charity for disabled children. They stole cameras, computers and cash from the charity who had just held a bucket collection at a comedy night fundraiser the night before. Luckily, however, the charity had already banked the majority of the money so the burglars only got hold of petty cash.


I spoke to the Chief Executive of Amaze, Rachel Travels. She said, “When I got here the draws where all open, they had taken the projector, other equipment and fundraiser buckets… It’s just the sense of loss and our staff are all very un-nerved by it all.”


Travers also said, “I’m sympathetic to the desperate situation the burglars must have been in because we work with the most vulnerable in society and so we know the extent of poverty. We see destitution all the time. Homeless people regularly sleep outside. So we as a charity are empathetic to them.”

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