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The Christmas light switch on that feature’s festive phrases such as dingdong and hohoho, will not include a visual performance this year. The lights, are funded by the five hundred and seventeen city center businesses which make up Brilliant Brighton.

The group says this is a financial decision.In previous years the shopping streets have sparkled with Christmas lights and hundreds have turned out to see them. There have been performances from local talents, a festive party and raffle with prizes and a special guest to switch on the lights.

This year will be much more low key and residents say they’re not happy about it.


Brighton city centre will see the return of festive lights such as love, peace and winkle including favourites from last year such as Ding Dong, #Fairy and Love.

The lights will be displayed  throughout the north laine and the lanes with the gorgeous golden canopy of lights in the clock tower and the addition of Ho Ho Ho voted for by the public in September 2017.

Brilliant Brighton, a business improvement district for the city centre formed of shops bars restaurants and cafes to create a thriving and vibrant city that residents and students want to return to, pay the £75,000 per year fee to ensure the city is lit up at Christmas.

This year brilliant Brighton , has said there will not be a big stage show at the event things will be more lowkey. 

Gavin Stewart, chief executive of Brilliant Brighton, said: “It’s a financial decision mainly, because all the money that funds the event every year comes from businesses across the city centre.

“This year the board of directors took the decision that, because it’s the same lights that go up every year, we thought businesses could put the money towards something else.

“What we lose in the switch-on we will gain in the lights.

Residents have reacted to the news of the Christmas lights performance with disappointment. one citizen labelled the lack of a sparkling affair to bring in the festive season as a bummer , Amarachi nkwonta has more The news has come as a shock to many residents, many are reminiscing about last years show and are in disbelief and anger to hear there will not be a performance this year. But there are residents who believe less of a show will be better for the environment.

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