Littering in Brighton

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The council has tried several methods to tackle the littering and this year they created the environmental enforcement framework to help with this. The team are responsible for educating businesses and residents on keeping the city streets clean and also applying fines for those who continue to litter. 

Littering is one of the situations that Brighton and Hove city residents have complained about fiercely. Several residents have complained about the drunk people loitering around the day, the drug paraphernalia littering everywhere as well as the rough sleepers out on the downs.  

Small items such as cigarette butts, chewing gum and food wrappers will get you a fine of up to £75 and in cases of fly-tipping with large items like furniture, building materials and mattresses which can get you a fine of up to £300.  

Income from the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notice (FNPs) is used for the specific environmental purposes such as providing additional litter and dog bins and to fund environmental education for local schools.  

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