Community Kitchen to Open in Eastbourne

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Sussex based chef Lerato Umah Shaylor is all ready to open her Community Kitchen and Cookery School in Eastbourne. Described by Lerato as ‘a home away from home’, this space hopes to celebrate the diversity within the community, bringing everybody together through the love of food. The main aim of this project however, is to use profits generated by cooking classes and courses to fund community events that will host those who are struggling financially and mentally, and those who may not have a place to call home. 

Lerato's Cooking Class

Shaylor talked to me about how she feels it imperative that she uses her platform to care for others, using everybody’s shared love of food to do so: “Food is the one medicine that brings people together, it breaks barriers, and it makes people happy.” The space in Eastbourne will be open to everyone, regardless of age, race and religion and will aim to provide a safe hub for the homeless, low-income families and those who are suffering mentally to come together and help each other. 
Lerato has launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to get the school up and running as soon as she can, and to buy the best equipment possible for the guests and members to use. This campaign is accessible via

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