Green Party - for the Youth of Tomorrow

Published on by Christina Fairhurst (author)

The Green Party’s main priority is the fight for climate justice – the issue which clearly affect young voters the most. As more young people stand up for the future of our planet, more young people are voting for the Green Party. The two are intertwined.


The Green Party has been a long-time supporter of decreasing the voting age to 16 years old and also wants to create a law to force the Government to prioritise young people, which would be overseen by a specialist minister.


Co-leader Jonathan Bartley said younger generations, like those taking part in the recent climate school strikes to raise awareness of global warming, are being “shut out of politics”. He said, “Isn’t it troubling when a 10-year old has to take time out of their day to remind us of our responsibilities?”


Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, visited Sussex University on Friday to talk to Journalism students about political issues. She will be defending her 15,000 vote majority at the election against Liberal Democrat’s Paul Chandler. After winning her seat in the 2010 election, the country’s only Green MP out of 650 seats in parliament, has had a huge impact in the continuous growth of the party. She said, “The Climate Emergency needs dramatic action.”

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