Controversy on the campaign trail in Brighton

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Kemp Town Conservative candidate Joe Miller has accused a rival candidate of publishing "pure lies" against him, in an attempt to pursue votes.

On leaflets posted around the Kemp Town constituency, Labour's Lloyd Russell-Moyle claims a vote for anyone but a Labour candidate would result in an "inivisible multi-millionaire MP".

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It is captioned “Only a vote for Lloyd will ensure an MP who lives locally and will fight for us”. Mr Miller has said in a statement that the leaflet accuses him of "both not being local – I was born in Brighton and have always lived here – and also being a millionaire."

“These are pure lies. I ask that he apologises and tells residents the truth on this matter." Lloyd Russell Moyle has been contacted, but is yet to provide a statement.

Mr Miller has also caused controversy on his campaign. In early November, he was forced to drop the social media hashtag and slogan "Bornhere4here" from his leaflets. The decision was made to ditch the phrase after residents branded it offensive and exclusionary.

In a statement posted to his Twitter page, Miller insisted the slogan "was intended to simply inform people I was born here". And stated that his campaign would instead use the hashtags 'GoLocalVoteJoe' and 'MakeItMiller' from therein.

And on Nov. 28th, Mr Miller caused further controversy at a hustings held at Moulscoomb Primary School.

The Conservative candidate was booed and jeered by parents and teachers, as he suggested the the school in The Highway, Brighton, should be turned into an academy. This came after he highlighted how Ofsted inspectors had branded the school 'inadequate' in a report filed in May.

Another hustings for the Kemp Town ward will be held on December 4th at Brighton College, from 4pm.

All Candidates for Kemp Town ward will be in attendance:

  • Joe Miller - Conservative Party
  • Lloyd Russell-Moyle - Labour and Co-Operative Party
  • Alexandra Phillips - Green Party
  • Ben Thomas - Liberal Democrats Party
  • Graham Russell Cushway - Brexit Party

More details can be found via the Brighton College website:

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