Extinction Rebellion to take over city this weekend.

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Extinction Rebellion announced late Saturday night (04/01/20) on their social media pages that they will be taking action in Brighton and Hove this weekend, the 11th and 12th of January. 

Information was released today by the movement about weekends action. In a press release they state that the action will be both "peaceful and family friendly". They continue to say that "thousands of local people involved in Extinction Rebellion Brighton want the council to seize this unique opportunity to restore some much-needed biodiversity to the city."

@XRBrighton announcement on Twitter (04.01.20)

Announcement on XR Brighton Twitter (04.01.20)

The action, which is being dubbed as “a weekend of awareness raising”, will begin on the Saturday in Hollingbury, with the precession moving on down to The Level and then through the city to Palmeria square in Hove by the afternoon. Sunday’s action is planned to take place in Whitehawk.

Announcement on XR Brighton Twitter (04.01.20)

 There will be another Extinction Rebellion demonstration concerning the rewilding of the two golf courses on the afternoon of Thursday 16th of January. Local rebels will be outside Hove Town Hall between 3 and 5pm, to ask local councillors involved in the Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee (TECC)  - who are meeting at 4 - to do the right thing in their view.




Announcement on XR Brighton Twitter (04.01.20)


In this week leading up to the protests, Extinction Rebellion is holding drop-in sessions for the public who wish to take part in the action but are unsure of what role they can take up. Experienced rebellers will be there to offer advice to people.


Drop-in information on the website


It is yet known how the action will affect the city and the level of disruption it will have to local shops and businesses as well as residents.

Claudia Fisher, a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Brighton, says: “We are living through an unprecedented ecological emergency.  The United Nations has warned that a million species are at risk of extinction as a result of human activity. This is not only catastrophic in itself, but also suicidal because we are not separate from nature but part of it. If we don’t act, the consequences will be dire for us all. 

“Globally, we are rapidly reaching a tipping point.  In Australia, raging bushfires have killed half a billion animals, bringing numerous species that much closer to extinction. These came shortly after fires ravaged vast tracts of the Amazon, in a situation described as ‘extraordinarily concerning’ by the UN’s biodiversity chief. These might seem like remote events but their ramifications are significant for all life on Earth. Plus, even here in the UK we have seen our wildlife numbers plummet

“This is why we urge Brighton and Hove Council to reconsider its plans for our Downland. After all, it declared a climate and biodiversity emergency in December 2018 - but what’s the plan for dealing with it? We are also asking as many local people as possible to sign our petition and join us this weekend on the South Downs and then in the streets. We welcome everybody, because this crisis affects us all. The only way to do something about it is to join together.” 

It is yet known how the action will affect the city and the level of disruption it will have to local shops and businesses as well as residents. 

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