Western Terrace being used as a toilet, say residents.

Published on by Ariella Taylor (author), Lisa Hall (author)

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The road, home to listed Georgian houses, sits alongside a busy street with no public toilets. In lieu of the absent toilets, some members of the public have been using the doorsteps of homeowners as their loo.


As well as the human waste, used condoms, alcohol cans and cigarette butts have been discovered on the private land. Oftentimes, residents come across people doing drugs or prostituting from their road. 

Neil Jackson, a resident on Western Terrace for 14 years now, said he and his husband have decided to move away from Brighton as a result. Upon confronting offenders in the act, he has previously “been assaulted.” 

Neil Jackson also told BBN that he has witnessed cleaners ignore the litter and filth and leave. Neil explained that the council are “not relaying the issues to the cleaners.”

Residents have mobilised and contacted the council about the issue. They hope to have a gate put in place so that members of the public cannot enter the private cul-de-sac. However, the council say they cannot help as “this is happening on private land and property which the council does not have responsibility for.”

For now, nothing is being done but Neil Jackson said that “since talking to the press, the council have been more responsive.” Neil is hopeful that more could be done yet.


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