Moulsecoomb Primary Fights Privatisation

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Brighton and Hove City Council say that councillors are committed to supporting Moulsecoomb Primary School.

The community seems to strongly reject the proposition for the school to become an academy. According to the Brighton and Hove City Council website, 96% of parents and carers said that they were against the school becoming an academy, in a ballot which was carried out at the start of the academic year. 

Local councillors, school staff, parents of the school and even Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle have banded together in protest. 

Lead campaign organiser of the HANDS OFF OUR SCHOOL campaign, Craig Arden said, "Academies have been around since 2003, but since 2010 there has been an explosion of schools becoming academies." 

"After 10 years, no evidence has been found to suggest that schools improve after getting the academy status... in fact there is evidence from the LGA that suggests that if struggling schools remain in council control they may well improve faster than if they became academies." 

Mother of a SEN child at the school, Natasha Ide said, "As it stands, The New Horizons Academy Trust have walked away so we are all celebrating!"

"Hopefully another trust doesn't step forwards. I think they would be stupid if they did as they can see that they've got a big fight on their hands! We are protesting, campaigning and fighting all the way!" 

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