Big Business v Local: The Battle for Vegan custom

Published on by James Hancocks (author)

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Following greggs boasting profits of 60% after the release of their vegan sausage roll, other big corporations such as McDonalds, KFC and Subway have all released their own vegan products.

After speaking with Josie Hawkins, who runs a vegan-friendly café, it is clear that while Veganuary is good for her business each year, there are concerns over big corporations providing vegan alternatives.

Josie said "Even this year we can already say that people have been coming in a lot more".

Josie also spoke about corporations providing vegan alternative junk food. "The commercialisation of something if it’s not going to have a very good impact on the planet or local businesses surrounding that diet isn’t fantastic."

"A lot of the meat substitutes these companies are supplying are not sustainable."

It remains to be seen the impact the big corporations will have on local businesses in the long term, but it appears currently there are mixed reviews on it.

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