Homelessness is on the rise in the city of Brighton

Published on by Jade Dowsett (author)

Allison Bennett a project worker from Sanctuary Housing Association says that there isn’t enough being done to help those that are rough sleeping due to a lack of funding “there is very little being done by the local authority, the majority of activities are run by charities or partly funded organisations, so no the council are definitely not doing enough”

However, BBN contacted the council for a statement regarding this, Councillor Brennan head of homelessness and vice chair of housing says that it’s the governments fault for why so many are left on the streets “all were doing is putting more people on the streets and it’s this government and there’s no dressing it up, this government has attacked people with mental health issues, with substance miss use issues, with housing problems, they haven’t built anymore and all they are wanting to do is push people into private accommodation, but a lot of our guys can’t maintain that yet.”  

The council recently made a statement that they had discovered nearly 900 people rough sleeping on the streets of Brighton over the past two years, which is a huge amount of people.

Brennan believes that a reason behind why so many end up on the streets is due to a lack of council houses and flats and an inflation of high rent in the city, she is worried that people seen as less of a priority are being forgotten, she says it’s only going to get worse and she can’t see an end to the crisis if things don’t change.



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