Sustainable transport in Brighton

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Brighton and Hove city have become the second in the UK to have hybrid electric buses run on its roads. This comes after the City councils plans to have all buses on their routes switch from diesel to hybrid electric ones by 2030.

One Bus company, The Big Lemon, has already started using solar panels and electric buses on its commute, this is earlier than the 2024 deadline that Brighton and Hove council gave all bus operators to change their current vehicles to environmentally sustainable one. 

The transport minister George Freeman visited this company and congratulated them on their efforts for creating low carbon solutions to the transport problem. Brighton and Hove city is one of 40 cities in the UK listed by the World Health Organisation as breaching safe air pollution limits.

Tom Druitt, CEO of The Big Lemon says “If we are going to effectively combat all the challenges that we face around climate change and so on”.

“We are going to need a mass transition away from private vehicles onto public transport and other modes of sustainable transport”.

Brighton and Hove council have said that at least 70 cars can be taken off the road by a double decker bus and that is why it is a vital part of the solution to improving air quality and congestion.

Ultra-low emission zones are areas in the city where 98% of all Brighton and Hove buses pass such as the Old Steine, North Street and Western Road as far as Palmeria Square. One of the main aims reasons why there is a push to get more updated sustainable buses is to get more Brighton residents actively using public transport.

Amy Heley Green Party Councillor for Preston Park says “ that the council have agreed to a car free day and also to take part in European mobility week this year as part of an effort to reduce pollution in the city centre" 

"There are also plans to ban cars from the city centre with the exception of less able people"

The quest to make Brighton and Hove city more environmentally safe has the council committee looking up ways that they could also reduce pollution in the near future but only time will tell as to when we will start seeing these changes. 

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