What Do The People Of Extinction Rebellion Do At Home?

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Extinction Rebellion (photo: Lisa Hall)
Extinction Rebellion

Though Extinction Rebellion is primarily an organisation dedicated to cajoling the government to effect ecological change, Brighton Broadcaster News wanted to find out how they do their part at home to be eco-friendlier. These people are clearly dedicated to their cause, so they must have some tips for other people who are interested in being more environmentally aware. 


Extinction Rebellion Protester

Extinction Rebellion Protester

To find out, I attended their latest demonstration at The Level in Brighton to ask them. Many participants in the protest said they were vegan. According to research conducted in 2018, there are now around 600,000 vegans in Great Britain which is an increase of about 150,000 in 2006. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to save the environment at home. 

Another method is buying from second-hand shops. This might involve second-hand clothes which can benefit the environment a great deal. Approximately 1,800 gallons of water are required to create one pair of blue jeans. Buying, for example, one of these pairs of jeans second-hand, saves resources and makes a difference.

Extinction Rebellion Protesters

Extinction Rebellion Protesters

A protester also mentioned switching to an eco-electricity company. Options for renewable energy companies are growing in number. These companies, however, are often the priciest and can be around £350 dearer than the average energy company. Despite this, companies do make a difference when it comes to being greener at home.

Many of the demonstrators at the Extinction Rebellion protest also expressed their use of bringing shopping bags to stores. Rather than using plastic bags given from supermarkets for example, these people will take their own with them and reuse them. In 2018, plastic bag sales in England went down by a third. This highlights just how popular this trend is becoming.

These are the main methods that Extinction Rebellion protesters use at home when it comes to being a eco-friendlier household. None of them came as a surprise as they all seem to be methods of living on the rise in the U.K. as it becomes a greener country. Great Britain was even named the 12th most eco-friendly country in the world in 2017. As these trends grow, it becomes more likely that our rank will increase.

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