Plane crash in Germany leaves four dead

Published on by Tom Mitchell (editor), Naomi Herron (author)

Location(s): Shoreham Airport

Topic(s): Airplane Accidents

Shoreham Airport Entrance (photo: )
Shoreham Airport Entrance

The light jet plane took off from Shoreham airport at 09.54 and crashed near the city of Trier in Germany.

Shoreham Airport tweeted just after 3pm yesterday saying, “We are aware of the accident at Trier Airport in Germany today which involved an aircraft that departed from Shoreham Airport at 09.54 GMT.”

The airport followed up an hour later tweeting, “ Our thoughts are with the friends and family of those involved in the aircraft accident near Trier-Fohren Airport earlier today.”

It is unclear what caused the accident but unconfirmed reports have suggested the plane crashed into an electricity pylon due to foggy conditions. Pictures from the crash site show the burned out remains of the plane covered in fire extinguisher foam.

The passengers and pilots have not yet been named.

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