Gay people in Hastings want better treatment at work

Published on by Jordan Hogan (author)

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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, (LGB) charity Stonewall published a report last Wednesday detailing the top 100 gay friendly employers in the UK.

After reading this, a few Hastings residents have decided that they are unhappy with the way they are or have been treated by their current/previous employers.

Local resident Chris Andrews said: “Being in a managerial position at work, I think that people would treat me differently if I was to come out as gay in the workplace.

“My boss is a heavily devout Christian so I feel that he may treat me differently”.

Stonewall's report also says that people who are open with everyone at work are more likely to agree that their workplace is a good place to be.

Owner of Glamorous Glitz Luke Roberts said: “I’d never expect my employees to hide their sexual orientation from me for fear of being treated badly”.

“Being gay myself, I used to feel under pressure to keep it on the down low when working for others but I later realised I shouldn’t be ashamed of who I am”.

In this report, it states that 64% of LGB employees said that they are open about their sexual orientation with all colleagues.

University of Brighton Student, Dan Pothecary-Smith said: “Being gay doesn’t define me. It’s just who I love, not how I live.

The 22-year-old used to be ridiculed at one of his previous jobs because of his sexual orientation.

According to research carried out by Stonewall, almost one in five gay and lesbian people have experienced bullying from their colleagues because of their sexual orientation.

Work colleagues would often refer to Mr Pothecary-Smith as ‘Dame Edna’ or ‘Princess’, something that still makes him feel sad and a little angry to this very day.

YouGov polls show that in the last five years 2.4 million people of working age have witnessed verbal homophobic bullying at work, whilst a further 800,000 people have witnessed physical homophobic bullying in the workplace.

Sussex Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service were amongst the list of top employers.

DCC Giles York, lead for Equality & Diversity at Sussex Police said that this is good news and it’s vital that they continue to have a positive working environment.

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