Hastings council has released the 2014 budget for consultation

Published on by Bridey Swarbrick (author)

Hastings Borough Council (photo: )

Hastings Borough Council

The council have no plans to increase council tax, car park charges and there are no planned redundancies for council staff despite on going reductions from Government grants.

Young rock bands in Hastings encouraged to enter festival

Published on by Annabelle Monks (author)

Hastings Music Festival (photo: )

Hastings Music Festival

Rock bands in Hastings are being urged to enter the town’s upcoming music festival Rockfest.

Council leader backs Hastings in Famously Hastings campaign

Published on by Chris Flynn (author)

Hastings council leader Jeremy Birch joins the promotion to “sell the town” to tourists, students and potential residents.

Photography competition winners announced

Published on by Tom Mitchell (author), Bridey Swarbrick (author)

The winners of the Stade photography competition 2013 has been revealed.

Plane crash in Germany leaves four dead

Published on by Tom Mitchell (editor), Naomi Herron (author)

Shoreham Airport Entrance (photo: )

Shoreham Airport Entrance

An English plane carrying two passengers and two pilots has crashed in Germany.