Lights in Hastings

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Hastings Town (photo: UoB)
Hastings Town

In an attempt to cut its energy bill and carbon footprint, East Sussex County Council will be converting around 5,500 old style yellow and orange streetlights to the more efficient white LED lights later this year.

The council has already saved around £340,000 a year and reduced its CO2 consumption by 2,000 tonnes from the street light changes in Eastbourne and other parts of the country.

It’s predicted that the changes could save £130,000 a year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 800 tonnes.

The councils lead member of environmental health Carl Maynard said: “While these changes will enable us to achieve the savings we need to make from our budget, they will also have long-term benefits to Hastings and the county as a whole. Recent advances in technology mean the performance of LED lights has improved and their cost has reduced, and switching to this type of lantern means our street lighting will be more efficient, both financially and in terms of our CO2 emissions.”

The changeover is expected to take around a year.

Residents can find out more about the plans at an event at Priory Meadow Shopping Centre next Saturday from 9am to 5pm. 



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