Conservation carries on in Hastings

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Alexandra Park (photo: UoB)
Alexandra Park

The Veolia Environmental Trust awarded the money to Hastings Borough Council and is now being used to fund park conservation and improvement efforts.

Councilor Emily Westley the lead member for amenities and leisure said: "The grant has enabled us to really make some excellent conservation improvements in the park."

Volunteers including the Sea View Project and the Education Future Trust worked alongside the park rangers to clear shrubbery and weeds in order to plant a number of different fruit trees to attract birds and insects to the park.

The park ducks and waterfowl have also been catered for with volunteers erecting planting shelves around the Shornden reservoir for marginal pond plants.

The new plants are expected to provide shelter for the birds and their young as well as attracting insects for them to eat.

Councilor Westley added: “Throughout the park there are updates and upgrades going on outside of the normal planting that we do.”  

As well as planting 775 new trees, a new information and notice board will be erected and a printed park leaflet will become available.

Paul Taylor, the executive director of The Veolia Environmental Trust said: “It is great to hear about the latest developments of this important project. We are so pleased to be supporting the improvements that will not only benefit local wildlife, but also the community of Hastings.”

Improvements are expected to be finished by the summer.

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