Cameron promises to support success of small businesses

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Small businesses in Hastings Old Town (photo: UoB)
Small businesses in Hastings Old Town

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged that more than 3,000 rules affecting small businesses will be scrapped or amended.

Cameron told a Federation of Small Businesses conference that he wanted to “get out of the way of small business success.”

He also said that his government would be the first in history to end a term in office with less regulation than when it came into power.

Whilst talking about some of the regulations that he thought should go, the Prime Minister said: “If you want to sell oven cleaner in this country, you need to have a poison licence.”

Other proposed measures to benefit small businesses include a £1.1bn package of business relief, £100m of broadband vouchers to get businesses set up online and funding for up to 20,000 small businesses.

Cameron also said that cutting the country’s deficit, freezing fuel prices and reducing taxes are all part of the government’s “clear long-term economic plan.” 

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