Rail replacement services anger Hastings commuters

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Trains departing from Hastings Station (photo: UoB)
Trains departing from Hastings Station
Spokesperson for Network Rail, was forced to address the situation, stating: “the landslip site at Wadhurst suffered more damage on Friday under torrential rain, which meant we had to clear the remains from the track and reinforce the bottom of the cutting side.”
“We know how frustrating these past weeks have been for everyone and we are doing all we can to get things back to normal.”
Commuters are used to taking rail replacement services from Hastings towards London, due to adverse weather conditions such as snow and torrential rain. 
However, commuters have said their main concern with the services is that it takes too long to get to the intended destination whilst also taking too long to arrive.
Mike Gibson, public affairs manager for Southeastern, which runs trains from Hastings to Charing Cross has said that bus operators do not have a fleet of buses on standby, and this is particularly difficult during peak periods, which was exactly the case for commuters at Wadhurst on Friday.
One thing is for sure; commuters say replacement services need to drastically improve for the commuters to be happy.

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