Hastings residents face potential tax rises and social care cuts

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Hastings Borough Council  (photo: UoB)
Hastings Borough Council

This comes at the same time as spending on adult social care and childrens services have been cut by seven per cent.

The council have proposed cuts for most of its departments, including an 8 per cent decrease in funding for the council’s community economy and transport department.

Council tax has not risen in four years but now may be increasing by 1.95 per cent.

Hastings residents who live with two or more people and earn under £40, 000 a year can expect council tax to be over £1000 a year on average. 

Mum of one and Hastings resident, Leanne Childs said: “The Government just doesn’t understand what’s going on. With the council tax their now doing sneaky things like trying get you to pay to have your garden waste taken away and if you don’t you have to put it in the tip your self, its another way for them to do council tax with out having to label it council tax. “

However the new budget is said to see an extra £45 million of funding to go towards the county’s road infrastructure. This includes £10 million for unclassified roads and £2.2 million for potholes.

The council have also said a further £339 million would be invested in things like creating jobs and funding schools.

Councillors will meet on Tuesday to decide weather to freeze the tax or increase it; a final decision will be made on February 11th

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