Home office wants to ban teenagers from smartphones

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Sexting is a new thing with teenagers where they send sexual oriented messages to each other on their smartphones.
Sexting can be in a form of either text or images.
Smartphone apps such as Whatsapp can be used to send images through wifi or mobile data for free.
The popular app snapchat is also associated with sexting as it allows you to send images only to be seen for a couple of seconds.
Teachers have been told by the government to have strict rules if they catch student’s sexting.  The home office claim it’s a form of bullying as it could lead to images being spread online.
The Internet Watch Foundation revealed last year, tens of thousands of explicit images that ended up online were viewed by paedophiles.
The home office is now urging Teachers to search and delete sexting images from pupil’s phones to stop them being spread, and to ban teenagers from using smartphones if caught.

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