Hastings residents deemed “unhappy” by nationwide survey

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The small city received the lowest mark of 7.13, only losing out to neighbouring city, Worthing, by 0.7.

The results of the survey come shortly after conservative MP, Amber Rudd told Bloomsberg: “Hastings used to be this beautiful, refined seaside place. It has to reinvent itself, like lots of seaside towns.”

The comment has spark anger from Hastings residents, with Labour PPC, Sarah Owen retaliating with: “If she wasn’t paid to actually represent Hastings & Rye, her comments would be laughable. It is a sorry situation that we have a Conservative MP who continues to talk down the town, at a time when we need to be attracting businesses and investment to the area.”

In response to both Rudd’s comments and the results from the survey, Hastings residents have spoken out against both, stating they love living in the small town.

Homeowner, and former professional boxer, Paul Huggin said: “I’ve lived here all my life, there is a lot going on in Hastings, but I’ve been around to other counties and I can honestly say, through my own experiences, that I live in the best town in the country. And I live in the best country in the world.”

When asked about the negative press Hastings has received following Rudd’s comments, Mr Huggin added: “we are growing, you see it all the time. I’m very happy with Hastings. 1066 country is the start of the western civilisation!”

Both Amber Rudd and Sarah Owen were unavailable for comment.

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