Hastings Councillor deems badger cull obscene

Published on by Bridey Swarbrick (author)


Instead, ESCC have decided to wait until 2016 when more scientific evidence is said to be brought forward.


Badgers are thought to spread TB amongst cattle, which forces farmers to kill their own stock. 


Cllr Phil Scott commented: “There are other methods that could be used which includes low cost vaccinations and more regulation around cattle movements, some farmers would argue for gassing badgers which of course would not discriminate against other animals that would be within the sett.”


However one farmer said: “Most farmers leave badgers alone, I’ve had them on my land for seven years with no problems. Often if you kill a badger with no TB it encourages other badgers to move in, increasing the risk of them having it.”


The report, released by ESCC said “Both culling and vaccination are currently being trailed in high risk areas in the UK to assess their effectiveness.”


Hastings Borough Council leader Jeremy Birch and Labour candidate Sarah Owen have now agreed to support Cllr Scott in the next general election and a delegation from the Hastings and Rother Against The Badger Cull group.


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