Hastings is the ninth best place to live and work

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Recycling Bin In University Of Hastings (photo: )
Recycling Bin In University Of Hastings
The report by the Centre for Cities that analyses the 64 largest towns and cities in the U.K, looks at all kinds of aspects from:
Satisfaction, inequality, carbon dioxide per person, house price growth, education, jobs, patents, businesses, population growth and even broadband speed.
Hastings did not only become the ninth best place to live and work in the U.K, but also came top in becoming the greenest town or city. It beat the likes of London, Reading and even Brighton.
Hastings Borough Councilor Jeremy Birch was delighted by the news saying, “This is excellent news for our residents and visitors and demonstrates that we have a really good carbon footprint.”
“We have also ranked in the top 10 for the number of patents per 100,000 residents, Patent data is widely used to measure innovation, so being in the top 10 in the UK shows that the vacuum cluster is obviously having a very positive impact on our town.”
Students on the other hand have a different reaction to Hastings being named the ninth best town in the U.K.
Sam Moore a student from Oxfordshire but living in Hastings said, “I can understand why some of its nice, you have the seafront and the old town but for students and young people, a lot of it can be improved. It’s not very nice to look at really; most of the buildings are derelict. It’s a bit of a mystery to be honest.”

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