Police to offer awareness courses for drivers breaking 20mph limit

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Hastings 20MPH Zone (photo: )
Hastings 20MPH Zone

The course comes as a number of 20mph zones have been put introduced across Sussex and in Brighton and Hove in particular.


Current speed awareness courses being run are only for drivers breaking speed limits over 20mph.


Carl Knapp from Sussex Police's Road Policing Unit said:


“There are still a few political hurdles to get over before we can run the course but the speed awareness course is a good product.  No matter what speed you’re going, restrictions need to be enforced.”


Members of the community regulate most 20mph speed limits.


Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney said:


"The volunteers are operating in the same way as they do in 30mph and 40mph zones but warning letters will not be sent to drivers caught breaking the law.


"Community Speed Watch volunteers in Lewes are currently carrying out a trial on the monitoring of limits in 20mph zones.


"We have consistently said that we will enforce the speed limit in 20mph zones when officers are there and see offences being committed.


"We have also said before that if members of the public contact us with concerns about repeated speeding in an area we will take action.”


Not all members of the public are as supportive of the idea.


One Hastings cabbie said:


“I would be a bit annoyed. Obviously I travel everywhere but it seems a bit steep for going over 20mph”.


The new course is still in development but it’s expected to be in put into action later this year.

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