Student DJs Switched Off at Brass Monkey

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The Brass Monkey on Havelock Road hosted the ‘Student DJ Take-Over’ on Wednesday 22nd October for the University of Brighton’s Student’s Union, but after only a short time of playing the first DJ was told to switch over. 

The DJ, Billy Hunt, a Sociology student at the university, was shocked by the reaction.

"We got asked to come and play by the Student’s Union, it was an opportunity for student DJs to play and have an audience." he said.

"Near the end of my set a guy came over and said I had to stop playing because the music was driving customers away, which I thought was ridiculous. I was playing Bass and House music that would be typical to hear in a club."

The third DJ was then told she was not allowed to play if she was playing ‘that sort of music’ and was asked to leave. 

Hope Smyth, one of the students who attended agreed with the student DJs.

"If you go out you would expect a variety of music, not just the cheesy music you usually hear at the Brass Monkey. I think that it was unfair to say that the music was driving people away".

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