Let's do Business comes to Hastings!

Published on by Tiffany Plummer (author), Eden Olivia Lord (author), Yasmin Thomas (author)

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Key businesses and corporations such as HSBC bank, The Hastings Observer and many more took stands at Sussex Coast College. Golden Times magazine promoted its work to a host of young people from the college.

Their main focus was on getting young photographers, writers and bloggers to promote the magazine.

Debby White, who is responsible for dealing with sales in the magazine, said that they were interested in contacting the University of Brighton in Hastings campus to see if they could get students from the campus to get involved too. 

A representative of the Hastings Observer stated that they were ‘looking for different businesses and people to advertise which will hopefully create awareness around Hastings’.

The Hastings newspaper offered a range of daily newspapers on their stands that were filled with their most top stories. 

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