Poppies on Parade in Priory Meadow

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On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Priory Meadow fell silent as a sign of respect for the centenary of the beginning of World War 1.

At 10:55 a.m. the veterans, followed by cadets, marched past crowds before seven members of the British Legion stood to attention in the centre of the square and presented their flags as 'The Last Post' played.

The ex-soldiers lowered their flags to the ground and waited for the chime of the Town Hall bell that announced the start of the two-minute silence. 

Inspiring ex-serviceman, Bryan Hunter attended the service today and spoke of his war memories.

"The Parachute Regiment gave me the confidence to face anything. Three quarters of the guys that applied to be paratroopers did not get in, so it was a great honour. I wear my beret with pride." 

Disrespectful or freedom of speech?

This week saw a backlash against the poppy as Channel 4's Jon Snow and footballer James Mclean refused to wear the symbols of remembrance on TV.

Snow launched a public frenzy on social media after he argued that he does not believe in wearing any symbol representing a statement.

Worn to remember the nation's war heroes, the poppy is a widely recognised emblem.

Armistice Day 2014 has seen a vast variety of poppies, such as the white poppy that represents peace and the purple poppy that commemorates the animals that were victims to the war. 

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