Drink-drivers to be ‘named and shamed’ on twitter

Published on by Jonathan Lowe (author), Jack Bibb (author)

Drink  (photo: Free Images)

During December, police will tweet the details of those accused of driving under the influence.

This time last year, 2,011 people were arrested for D.U.I.

135 members of the public have been convicted, with five more still going through the court system.

Extra time has been set aside at courts in West Sussex to deal with drunken drivers, as there is an increased focus on the lead up to Christmas.

For the first time, the December campaign will be run jointly by Sussex Police and Surrey Police alongside Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, Drive Smart in Surrey and the independent charity Crimestoppers.

Superintendent Jane Derrick said: "There is no excuse for driving while over the limit or after taking drugs but there remains a small minority who refuse to believe that the law applies to them.

"Don't get behind the wheel if you've been drinking or believe that you are still under the influence of alcohol from the night before  - the loss of your licence is the Christmas present that no one wants."

Our reporter spoke to people in Hastings about their opinions of publicly shaming people. 


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