Hastings Ice Skating Rink Opens

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Skates (photo: Cydnee Holder)

The ice rink has become one of the town's biggest Christmas attractions since it first opened in 2009. Some new additions to the rink have also been welcomed by skaters this year including decorated poles in the centre of the rink, and helpers dressed as penguins to encourage younger skaters on the ice.

Festivities in Hastings have become bigger and better in 2014; the biggest 5th November bonfire to date took place this year and Priory Meadow saw a huge turnout for the switching on of the Christmas lights, with fireworks and live music marking the event.

Admissions to the rink are from £6 for students and £7 for adults, which guarantees half an hour on the ice.

The Hastings Ice Skating Rink is open until the 5th of January.

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