Sussex Police Staff are to strike over pay

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Sussex Police (photo: )
Sussex Police

Local police staff are now feeling the strain because of cuts to national policing. 


Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), Control Room Staff and Scenes of Crime Officers are just a handful of people who will be striking.


The would be strikers are requesting a 3% pay rise.


This comes after receiving a 3-year pay freeze since 2010 which ended in 2013 after staff received a 1% pay rise.


Head of Sussex Police Unison, Andy Stenning said that union members have gone to get grants from the force charity trust in order to make ends meet.


If the full increase were granted then the average Sussex PCSO would receive an extra £630 a year.


Mr Stenning also said, "Police staff don't take this action lightly by any means.


"It will be a one day strike from midnight to midnight on the day in question and involvement in the strike is very much down to the individuals."


After this single day of strike action, the staff involved in the strike action will work to rule until the end of the month when they will reassess and see where things stand.





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