Storms To Hit Britain

Published on by Mary Daley (author), Catherine Delves (author)

Britain is on red alert for the most violent storm in 100 years.

The frenzied weather bomb has already left a tail of destruction in Scotland knocking out power lines and crippling transport networks.

Around 17,000 homes have been left without electricity and ferry crossings have been cancelled as the chaotic storm mauls the coasts of Britain unleashing 80mph gales and torrential downpours.

In the next week the bad weather is due to move further down Britain worst hit was the North although forecasters warn the swirling vortex will continue to rage South and will bring blizzard conditions for most parts and it will also be remaining cold.

The Government in Hastings and Rye are investing millions of pounds in flood defences as part of the Government's major 2014 National Infrastructure Plan.

Hastings MP Amber Rudd says she believes the £2.2bn investment could see major economic could see major economic benefits and will benefit the area. She says, “This shows yet again that this Government is investing in the big, long-term projects that will help this area prosper.”


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