NHS a big battleground for Labour

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Ed Miliband (photo: )
Ed Miliband

Labour have announced their intentions to make the state of the National Health Service a key battleground ahead of this year's general election.

Cabinet ministers had been lining up attacks on Labour over the economy today (January 5), but the opposition party begun campaigning by saying the NHS will not survive another five years under a Conservative government.

Ahead of Tuesday's (January 6) big speech in Manchester, his first of 2015, Ed Miliband said: "The Tories have damaged the NHS in these five years. Give them five more and the NHS, as we know it, just won’t be there." 

This week, figures will be published showing the performance of A&E units in England. Standards are expected to drop dramatically with patients often waiting more than four hours to be seen by a doctor.

Speaking yesterday, Prime Minister David Cameron claimed he was a compassionate conservative and that he will protect the NHS, as it is important to Britain.

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