Sussex Police want you to feel Safer

Published on by Moinique Chambers (author)

Nick Marriott, Sussex Police Patrol Officer (photo: Monique Chambers)
Nick Marriott, Sussex Police Patrol Officer


Latest police statistics show that in just one-month criminal damage offences are peaking just over one thousand in Hastings and St Leonards.


With shockingly high results Sussex police and Hastings borough council have produced a survey to find out how safety can be improved for local residents.


Local Policeman, Officer Carl Massi spoke on how he felt the survey could help improve people’s perceptions on the town.


“ Us working with the community is a really good way too change peoples views on the town, working together and finding out the problems people have will allow us to make Hastings and St Leonards a better place to be”


He then went onto saying


“There is only so much we can do however if people don’t part take in the survey, or if they don’t think there is anything wrong”


Although results for the survey will not be revealed till February 2015, some locals agreed that given the chance to voice there opinions allows the community to get back to what it was.

The survey is still open to fill out online at, survey closes on January 15th.




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