The vinyl record is spinning its way back into fashion

Published on by Luke Withers (author)

vinyl (photo: luke withers)

Most people would have thought that the vinyl was a product of the past and with the amazing technology available to us would have expected it to stay that way. However, a sudden resurgence in sales has seen hipsters and oldies alike rushing to collect the latest as well as classic songs on vinyl.

In 2014 vinyl sales in the UK alone almost doubled on the previous year and the popularity increase was even bigger across the pond.

Ken Barry, owner of The Record Shop in Bexhill, East Sussex spoke of his excitement over the resurgence of the classic product.

He said: “ Obviously I welcome the comeback of the vinyl owning a record shop and all but I also believe it will be great for music”.

“I’ve never seen the appeal of buying one track on iTunes for 79p when you can go into any record store and get 12 tracks for £1”.

“It’s not just the old artists like the Stones and The Beatles seeing their vinyl’s sales increasing its also contemporary artists such as Lana Del Ray and Artic Monkeys”.

 With the comeback showing no sign of stopping it certainly looks like the vinyl could be around for years to come.

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