Green party only second to Labour for students

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The party, who hold one parliamentary seat in Brighton Pavilion, move ahead of the Conservatives for the first time in polls measuring student support.

The study, by research agency YouthSight, saw Labour keep their steady lead. But, along with the Conservatives, they see a small fall in support from 18 months ago.

Josephine Hansom, Head of Youth Research & Insight, said she wasn’t surprised by the Greens’ rise in popularity: “We believe it is because young people are finding it harder to identify with the more established political parties.

“The Greens appear to be connecting with those who are disenchanted with the current political landscape.”

Hansom added: “By focusing in just on students we can see that, among the best educated and most engaged group of young people, support for the Greens is moving beyond the margins, well and truly into the mainstream”

The survey unsurprisingly found that 70% of students who support the party, who have often been seen as a ‘single issue’ environmentalist party, do so because of their conservation policies.

But 60% say they do so because they lack trust in any other political party. 56% answered by saying they have become increasingly disillusioned with other political parties.

The research is the first in a decade of student polling to see the traditional top three of the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Labour to be broken.

But, opposite to polling figures from the general population, the UK Independence Party hasn’t benefited from any disenchantment in students. They see themselves above the Lib Dems, but only see a rise to 6%.

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