The Green Party urge people to think before they drive

Published on by Maria Gonzalez (author)

Petrol Station (photo: Maria Gonzalez)
Petrol Station

Fuel at the pumps will be at their lowest since 2009 when the cost of a litre was 87.0p at the start of January.


The Decrease in price has not just affected motorists it has also affected environmentalists.


The Green party says that it is more important to decrease the price in Train and Bus fares.


 “Instead of lowering the cost of petrol, the Government should lower the cost of public transport. We want people to think before they use a car even though it is now cheaper.”


The drop in the cost of petrol has received different reactions from different organisations; the RAC says that fuel prices and car travel are crucial in the UK.


“Like it or not this country doesn’t have the public transport infrastructure or an alternative to the car that is practical, we do have to rely on driving around so fuel is very important. Its really a question of having to cope with what we’ve already got.”


Fuel prices will continue to decrease over the next few months and despite the reactions of the organisations, the Government is keeping an eye to make sure providers bring down the cost at the pump for their consumers.


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