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Je Suis Charlie (photo: )
Je Suis Charlie

Wednesday saw one the most appalling attacks in recent years as three gunmen killed 12 people during an assault on the Parisian offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hedbo.

Suspected to be an Islamist attack, witnesses say they heard the gunmen shout: “We have avenged the prophet Mohammed.”

Amongst the dead is the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Stephane Charbonnier, who oversaw the publication of caricatures mocking Mohammed and other Muslim leaders. A cartoon mocking ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the final tweet made by the magazine before the attack.

One of the gunmen surrendered to French police on Wednesday but the two main suspects – brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi – are still at large.

The brothers robbed a petrol station on Thursday in a region towards the north east of Paris. Police and Special Forces have since flooded the area.

It is also believed that the suspects have seized a hostage as the siege continues. They have told police and negotiators that they are ready for martyrdom. 

Early on Thursday a gunman shot dead a female police officer and severely injured another person in the south of Paris in a second attack. 

Today the same gunman killed two people and has taken a number of hostages at a Kosher supermarket in the east of capital.

Police have surrounded the building as the situation develops.

Paris has been placed on the highest security alert following the attacks but that did not deter people gathering in the rain and cold as the bells of the Notre Dame cathedral tolled for a minute silence at midday on Thursday.

Nor has it put people off from organising a march on Sunday

The phrase that represents the defiance of the public in the face of terrorism been repeated across the world.

Je Suis Charlie – I Am Charlie

President Francois Hollande has praised international solidarity

Prime Minister David Cameron called the attacks “Horrific” and President Barack Obama denounced them as a “sickening assault on freedom of speech”

Muslims across the world have also condemned the attack, including those belonging to the Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum:


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