New Year - New Fitness Classes for Obese Teens

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author), Hope Smyth (author)


Falaise Fitness Centre (photo: Iara Kaiser and Hope Smyth)
Falaise Fitness Centre

National Obesity Awareness week is here, and Falaise and Helenswood Sports Centres have thoroughly trained their staff to offer gym classes to children aged twelve and over in an attempt to tackle obesity locally.


The area manager of Freedom Leisure, which operates the centres, has commented on the health crisis saying: “Teenagers have great scope to train and improve their cardio fitness and physique. For teens who don’t like sports, working out in the gym or doing an age-specific class will be a popular alternative”. 


According to ‘Your Britain’ online, over 26 per cent of girls and around 23 per cent of boys are considered overweight or obese in Britain. Additionally, the National Child Measurement Programme has reported that one third of children in England are either overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school. The children are also at risk of developing health problems such as diabetes and cancer.


Freedom Leisure has also announced innovative events such as the Falaise ‘Biggest Loser’ contest to motivate both young and old to improve their health this year.


The National Obesity Awareness week warns that more than 12,000 hospital appointments a year are now for obesity related conditions and it has been predicted that as many as half of us could be obese by 2050.




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