Council Fails Elderly in Hastings

Published on by Tiffany Plummer (author)

The Department of Health has stated that an extra two billion pounds has been put into social care since 2011 and it is the council’s responsibility that budgets are spent accordingly.

Official figures have shown overall cuts in the numbers that have dropped to one-third in adult social care systems. Research showed that between 2010-11 and 2013-14, the numbers of day care centres have plummeted by two-thirds to just fewer than 60,000. Studies also found that the number of elderly people receiving meals on wheels declined by 64%.

Even with cuts to budgets, Age UK East Sussex in Hastings still aims to provide the best care for elderly people in the town.

A statement provided by the Local Government Association described the system as being “chronically underfunded” and councils are faced with the pressure of cuts to local government budgets. Caroline Abrahams, director for Age UK said “the impact of the decline in social care has been relatively hidden".  Tara Cross, manager at Queen Mary nursing home in Hastings said that it was “not fair that due to the council cuts elderly people have to suffer.”

Plans for Hastings Borough Council to work in association with East Sussex County Council are under way to expand the provision for extra care options for elderly people in the town.



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