Deadline Looms for Public Voice on Budget Plans

Published on by Daniel King (author), Oli Birch (author)

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Hastings Borough Council is urging residents to ensure they make their voices heard following the release of budget proposals for 2015/16.

Initial documents were released last Friday, detailing the council’s plans to cut spending in the area in line with the impending 6.4% reduction in funding from Central Government.

Residents are set to be forced to contend with increases in both council tax and off-street parking, a reduction in council support for local community organisations, as well as the closure of the Old Town museum.

And while Council leader Jeremy Birch has conceded some decisions may not be well received, he insists that every decision made has been in the best interests of Hastings.

 “We have managed to protect those services most dear to the hearts of local people and those that make the biggest difference to the town. However, some savings will still be difficult to swallow.”

But with the process now reaching the public consultation stage, the council is encouraging people to scrutinise the proposal and put forward their thoughts on the planned changes.

Members of the public have been provided with a specialised council e-mail address to send in comments relating to the budget with a deadline of 12 noon on the 13th of February to submit them.

Following the public consultation phase, a final decision on the budget will be made at a full council meeting on the 25th of February.

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