Hastings at Bottom of Leaderboard for Wages

Published on by Annabel Gammack (author), Yasmin Thomas (author)

Hastings' wages are amongst the lowest in the UK (photo: Annabel Gammack)
Hastings' wages are amongst the lowest in the UK

The latest Centre for Cities' Cities Outlook 2015 revealed Hastings' average weekly wage in 2014 was £414, leaving the town 59th out of 64 towns and cities across the UK. 

The registered charity Centre for Cities aims to manage economic growth of Britain's cities and produces annual surveys to aid the local councils. Hastings is included in the list because of it's high population density.

However, local residents Jane Williams and Chris Bayford are unimpressed with how the survey has been categorised. Ms Williams said: "I don't think it's fair because Hastings doesn't have a chance against London", while Mr Bayford explained: "It's a different market of people here to in London so it's hard to compare them, but maybe this will give the town a push it needs."

The report showed that London had the highest wages at £676, while Aberdeen was second with £625. Huddersfield was in 64th place with an average weekly earning of £394.

The basic idea of what the living wage should be for areas outside of London is £7.85 per hour. However, the national minimum wage is set significantly lower at £6.50 for those aged 21 and over. 

The law explains that workers do not have to work more than 48 hours per week unless they choose to. To earn £414 the individual would require an hourly pay rate of £8.63. With a basic tax rate of 20 per cent, an annual salary of £21,528 would be left at £17,223. In other words, £331 per week.

Andrew Carter, acting chief executive for Centre for Cities, told the Hastings Observer: "Cities need long-term funding and strategic planning and policies that go to the heart of addressing the key drivers of economic growth - including transport, planning, skills and housing. 

"This report throws down the gauntlet for all parties to turn their recent interest and pledges around cities and devolution into a clear plan to grow jobs and businesses, and improve quality of life throughout the United Kingdom."

The full report can be seen at: www.centreforcities.org/publication/cities-outlook-2015/

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