Potholes Fixed For the Price of Pizza

Published on by Iara Kaiser (author), Hope Smyth (author)

Location(s): Hastings

Pothole on Havelock Crossroad (photo: Hope Smyth)
Pothole on Havelock Crossroad

A new device called the Jetpatcher has been introduced in the East Sussex County Council to cut expensive repairs for potholes down to the price of pizza.


The Jetpatcher uses high pressure air to clean out crevices in the road and fills them with a mixture of sand and bitumen. This new technology may see fewer drivers claiming compensation from the council for vehicle damage.


Roger Williams, who is in charge of highways at the authority, spoke with us earlier about the new technology:

“It very much enables us to fix and repair potholes in a far quicker way. It doesn’t mean to say that it’s a shoddy repair. It is a really high quality repair,  guaranteed for a year. We are very much aware that potholes are the bane of driver’s lives, as well as cyclists and other road users. So, it’s our job to try and get to them as soon as we possibly can. Every claim id paid for out of public money. It’s not like we have a separate fund, it’s our council tax payer’s money which we pay out for claims. It’s a really good idea for us to go and fix them, negate the claims and stop people damaging their cars.”


Last year alone, the ESCC reportedly repaired 65,144 potholes, an increase of over 900 from the year before. According to the authority, nearly 25 thousand were repaired last year in comparison to approximately 10 thousand in 2013.


People can report potholes and check if they have already been reported by calling the East Sussex Highways contact centre on 0345 6080193.




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