Hasting's Listed as Most Eco-Friendly Town in the Country

Published on by Yasmin Thomas (author), Annabel Gammack (author)

Hastings Town (photo: Yasmin Thomas)
Hastings Town

A registered charity, Centre for Cities, aims to monitor economic growth of Britain’s cities to help improve their performance. 

Hastings seem to be on the right track as its low usage of carbon dioxide emission is a heavy contrast to Middlesbrough which was at the top of the survey with 25.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per resident.

Hastings Borough Council have been expressing their efforts in to making the town more eco-friendly on their website, stating that:

“To stabilise and progressively reduce our environmental footprint; to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and make sure our estate and services are adapted to the future impacts and opportunities of climate change; and to contribute positively to Hastings character, local environmental quality and natural environment."

They hope to deliver this by firstly tackling and adapting to climate change, protecting the natural environment, enhancing the built environment within Hastings, and optimising the use of resources such as recycling and reducing electrical consumption. This will then develop a low carbon economy and promote environmental awareness to locals. 

Prime Minister David Cameron spoke on addressing climate change last year at the UN climate summit :“For economic growth to be sustainable and meaningful, it must reach everyone, not just a few at the top. We are co-operating to promote clean energy, reduce our carbon emissions and build our resilience to the impacts of climate change.”

With these new strategies being introduced it will encourage locals to be more green in their day to day lives.  




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