Local Science Showman Warns of Businesses Exploding

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An American owner of a local science production company has warned that council budget cuts could put entrepreneurs like him out of business> Adam Gross of BLAST Science Production, speculated over the growing troubles of establishing a local business in the UK and losing shows in local schools.


The flamboyant science-themed educational entertainment show was set up in 2013 by Mr Gross. With Hastings council recently announcing new cut plans, the production company are set for a hard year, with many local schools announcing to part ways with the company.


Gross, originally from New York, touched on the hardship of setting up a thriving business in the UK: “It’s no lie when we say this year could be our hardest year to date. As an American on foreign soil, the stark contrast of how America supports the little business/small man compared to the UK is frightening - these new cuts will hit us hard.”


 On losing custom with schools, Mr Gross said: “I was always told I was never any good at science, nor would ever do well in it in school -  by my teacher! The problem is that many young people are put off from science at an early age, be it from their teachers, experiments gone wrong etc. This year looks tough, with many cancellations upcoming it's hard to say if I'll be convincing many more of the beauty of science."


The charity located just outside the construction of the pier, is having to increase private birthday party prices. Mr Gross and Miss Samuel are cautious of times ahead: “We put on free shows for kids monthly at the Hub located just outside the pier. We make our money from birthday parties etc., festivals etc, but with a large amount of disinterest from schools, this year could be difficult.”


BLAST will be performing at the Brighton Science Festival this year, and will be hoping to attract more interest from the national curriculum. 


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